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Insurance data reveals top causes of workplace accidents

Every day in New York, people go to work and place themselves in situations that sometimes lead to accidents and injuries. In the interest of identifying common sources of workplace injuries, the nation's largest workers' compensation provider, Travelers Companies Inc., analyzed workers' compensation claims that had been submitted between 2010 and 2014.

How to deal with hydrocarbon spills

Some New York employers as well as their workers may grapple with a solution for containing hydrocarbon spills in a safe and environmentally sustainable way. Outdoor equipment tends to create drips and leaks that can create a slip and fall hazard, and some work sites find that they have no good way of dealing with them. One solution is to use buckets to collect the spillage, but this requires monitoring and disposal. Those same buckets also collect precipitation, and when they spill over, the hydrocarbons that have risen to the top create another fall danger as well as being toxic to the environment.

High rates of TBIs for construction workers

Construction workers in New York and throughout the country continue to suffer from high rates of fatal traumatic brain injuries compared to other occupations, according to a study by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. The report, which was published in the "American Journal of Industrial Medicine," also found that between 2003 and 2010, 25 percent of construction fatalities were due to traumatic brain injury representing a total of more than 2,200 workers. This was the highest of any other type of U.S. workplace.

Workers with sleep apnea more likely to be injured on job

Workers who suffer from sleep apnea could be more prone to being injured on the job, according to a study by researchers in British Columbia. As a result of their findings, they believe workers in high-risk jobs in New York and elsewhere should be tested for the sleep disorder as a safety precaution.

Preventing workplace injuries

Workers in New York face many different types of hazards when they go to their jobs. Industrial environments can be especially dangerous workplaces, particularly when workers handle hazardous materials or operate heavy machinery. Some common causes of workplace accidents are dehydration, fatigue, lifting and falls. Factors like poor lighting, workplace violence, hazardous materials and stress can also contribute to a lot of workplace accidents.

Dangers of trenching and excavation projects

New York jobs involving trenching can be extremely dangerous in spite of the best safety precautions. One of the most serious hazards is that of a cave-in, but the activity in a confined space can also expose a worker to breathing dangers such as inhaling toxic materials, being asphyxiated, or drowning. There is also the risk of workers coming into contact with utility lines, which could lead to explosions or electrocution.

Tips to reduce medication errors in New York

A medication error could lead to serious injury or death to a patient. However, several changes can be made to reduce the odds of a mistake happening. For instance, a name alert could be used to differentiate between patients who have similar last names like Johnson and Johnston. Another step that can be taken is to add a zero in front of decimal points.

The risks faced by health care workers

New York residents may not think of nursing as being particularly hazardous, but nursing assistants are injured on the job almost as often as police officers, firefighters and construction workers, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The problem is made more serious by the type of injury often suffered by nurses and medical orderlies. The back injuries and muscle strains suffered while moving heavy patients can lead to long layoffs, and they can also become persistent problems that may end health care careers.

OSHA fines and citations linked to improved workplace safety

Employers in New York and around the country are more likely to make efforts to improve workplace safety after they have been cited and fined following an inspection by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, according to a study conducted by the Institute for Work and Health. IWH researchers also say that the mere threat of an inspection is far less effective at reducing accidents and injuries in the workplace.

Besides permanent disability, are there other classifications?

If you are a work accident victim in New York, the law requires employers to maintain workers’ compensation insurance. Instead of having to sue your employer, workers’ compensation insurance pays cash benefits toward you lost wages and medical expenses without the necessity of a lawsuit. The tradeoff is that workers give up their right to sue their employers in most instances in exchange for coverage under workers’ compensation.

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