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Criminal Defense Archives

Presenting a defense to assault and battery charges

Assault and battery charges can result in severe consequences, including substantial jail time and fines. However, many people who are charged with a violent crime are not guilty or have a legally valid argument to justify their actions. If you can plan a solid criminal defense strategy to defend yourself from these charges, the charges against you may be partially or fully dropped.

New York man facing felony charges after dispute

Arguments involving money have the potential to become escalated. This is true whether the disagreement is between New York friends or between a customer and a service provider. However, it is sometimes the case where an argument leads to accusations that one party or the other committed a crime.

What acts constitute second-degree assault in New York?

Last week, this blog told the story of a man who is facing second-degree assault charges, among others, after allegedly being involved in a fight with another person. These charges are serious as second-degree assault is a class D felony. Today, we are going to explore some acts that constitute second-degree assault in New York.

Man faces attempted murder, assault charges after alleged fight

Sometimes, when two people disagree or believe they were wronged in some way, emotions can become heated. Insults may be hurled, or in especially bad situations, one or both parties may commit an act of violencer. When this happens, it can lead to criminal charges, as one recent reported altercation shows.

Sometimes a trial in New York ends in a mistrial

The criminal trial process can be confusing to those who are not familiar with it. From the preliminary hearing to pretrial activities to the trial itself, the whole undertaking can be utterly overwhelming. Fortunately, anyone accused of a crime in New York or anywhere else in the nation is entitled to have an attorney by their side, presenting their case and defending their innocence.

What happens at a New York juvenile dispositional hearing?

Juveniles are often unable to anticipate the long-term consequences of their actions in the way an adult can. Moreover, most juveniles simply do not have the maturity that adults have. This may lead to situations where a juvenile is being accused of committing an illegal act. When a juvenile in New York is accused of a crime, depending on the nature of the crime and the juvenile's age, he or she may not be tried as an adult but instead will go through a Family Court fact-finding hearing and possibly a dispositional hearing.

When can evidence be suppressed in a criminal trial?

Most people in New York expect to one day find themselves facing criminal accusations, but unfortunately it happens, even to innocent individuals. Hearing the prosecution's case against you can be frightening and confusing, especially when the prosecution proffers what may seem to be damaging evidence. However, there are ways to get wrongful evidence suppressed; that is, thrown out so it cannot be used against you.

What are some common defenses to assault charges?

Sometimes when a disagreement occurs between two people in New City, things can become volatile, with threats and accusations being thrown around. Nevertheless, assault charges in New York are no laughing matter. In fact, first-degree assault is a felony in New York, meaning there are serious consequences, including the possibility of incarceration and significant fines, for those convicted of this crime. However, what if you feel your actions were justified? Are there any defenses to charges of assault?

Even traffic infractions deserve a strong criminal defense

Even the best of drivers in New York make mistakes from time to time. We might unwittingly drive above the posted speed limit, fail to notice a stop sign or traffic signal or fail to use our blinkers when making a turn. Even if these actions do not result in an accident, police will still pull over and ticket those who commit such infractions, even if they did not mean to.

Criminal defense: The Sixth Amendment right to an attorney

As many people in New City already know, individuals accused of a crime have the right to an attorney, and if the individual cannot afford an attorney, an attorney will be provided to the individual at no cost. This right starts from the arrest and goes throughout the trial process, and into an appeal, if necessary. This very important right can be found in the Sixth Amendment of the United States Constitution.

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