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Larceny & Theft Archives

What defenses are available to allegations of theft?

A charge of theft is often based upon an accusation that an individual knowingly took the property of another person. New City residents can face theft charges that arise from a number of different factual scenarios, and as such, it is important that they remember that all criminal cases are different. Criminal defense attorneys can be useful resources for those individuals who wish to learn more about the particulars of their personal theft charges, as this blog provides only general information about criminal law topics.

When can an individual be accused of robbery in New York?

"Cops and robbers" might be a fun game that children in New City play, but the fact is that there are numerous types of theft crimes in New York, the violation of which could be considered felonies. Today we are going to hone in on one specific type of theft crime: robbery.

Certain theft crimes in New York have affirmative defenses

Previous posts here have mentioned that the two types of theft crimes in New City are the crimes of larceny and embezzlement. In New York, there are various levels of larceny, ranging from petit larceny to grand larceny in the first degree. Being accused of these crimes is a serious matter, since there can be harsh consequences upon conviction. However, it may help to know that under New York law there are some affirmative defenses to the crimes of embezzlement or larceny committed by trespassory taking.

Defending against the crime of larceny in New City

The concept of "theft" is broad and actually spans several different types of crimes in New York. For example, as we discussed in a recent post, identity theft is one type of theft crime. Embezzlement is another example of a theft crime. In addition, another type of theft crime is larceny.

How does New York law define property for the crime of larceny?

As discussed on this blog in the past, the crime of larceny in the state of New York consists of the stealing of another person's property, whether for oneself or for a third person, with the intent to deprive the property owner of the property. One may wonder, how is the term "property" legally defined when it comes to the crime larceny?

The value of property and the crime of larceny in New York

Someone who thinks that something valuable has been stolen from them may exaggerate the worth of the item. However, it is important not to get carried away. When it comes to the crime of larceny, it may be necessary at times to ascertain the true value of the property that was allegedly stolen. New York Penal Code section 155.20 describes how to determine such value.

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