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Drunk Driving Archives

Drunk driving campaign to take place over Labor Day weekend

Labor Day weekend is almost here. It is a time when many in New York will relax, perhaps have a picnic or barbecue, and simply enjoy summer's 'last hurrah.' Alcohol is a part of many Labor Day festivities, and it is important to keep in mind that most people in the state will drink responsibly. However, that doesn't mean that police won't be on high alert for those they believe are driving while intoxicated.

A brief history of the standardization of field sobriety tests

Field sobriety tests have become so commonplace that most residents of New York expect that police officers will perform at least one on individuals they believe are driving under the influence. These tests are meant to determine whether or not an individual is intoxicated. However, it wasn't until the mid-1970's that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) decided to determine what field sobriety tests (if any at all) really might detect whether a person was driving while intoxicated (DWI).

The stakes are raised when commercial drivers are accused of DUI

Commercial vehicles, such as semi-trucks and buses, traverse the roads of New York on a daily basis, and in fact, are an essential part of commerce in the state and nationwide. However, per law, these drivers are held to a different standard of care with regards to drunk driving than are non-commercial drivers of standard motor vehicles.

Supreme Court allows warrantless blood tests in DWI arrests

Individuals in New City arrested on suspicion of drunk driving may be asked to submit to a breath test or blood test. You may wonder whether making such tests mandatory is legal, and indeed this issue was recently presented to the United States Supreme Court

Don't let drunk driving accusations derail your summer fun

Summertime in New City is a time to relax and enjoy the many activities that only come in the summer months. New City residents may be heading to the beach, going to ball games, going camping, taking a road trip or simply enjoying their summer in their own back yards. In many of these settings, alcohol is served, and most people either take care not to drink too much or they ride with a designated driver. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean that overzealous police officers won't be on the lookout for those they believe are drunk driving.

New law makes drunk boating a felony if there are past DWIs

Summertime has arrived to New York, and residents are flocking to the state's lakes and waterways to enjoy some fun boating on the water. Sometimes individuals on boats consume alcohol, and most of them do so responsibly. However, boaters should take note that a recently passed law could impose on them felony charges for drunk boating.

When may police in New City legally pull a driver over?

Memorial Day is the unofficial kickoff to the summer season in New City. People are heading out to the beach, on camping trips, to neighborhood block parties or simply grilling out in their own backyards. It is not unusual for a person to have a drink or two on such occasions and then drive home. However, police across the state will be on the lookout this summer for those they believe are driving under the influence of alcohol.

What are some examples of drugged driving in New York?

Many New York residents are familiar with the problems caused by drunk driving, but they may be surprised to hear that drugged driving can also lead to an arrest. Certain drugs, whether they are illegal narcotics, perfectly legal prescriptions or over-the-counter medicines can all cause different effects to an individual's brain.

Are sobriety checkpoints legal in New York?

With the St. Patrick's festivities here, police across the United States may be setting up what are known as "sobriety checkpoints." Individuals in New York may wonder why they are legal. After all, 12 states in the nation have actually deemed them to be illegal, and police usually need reasonable suspicion to stop a driver.

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