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Posts tagged "Larceny & Theft"

What is the theft crime of extortion in New York?

Under the New York Penal Code a person in New York commits the crime of larceny if they take the property of another intending to deprive that person of the property or intending to keep the property for himself. There are numerous ways larceny can be committed. One of these is by extortion.

New Yorkers arrested for alleged organized retail theft

Organized retail theft refers to shoplifting on a much larger scale. Generally, a person commits organized retail theft or fraud if they work with other parties to steal from retailers with the intent of reselling the stolen items for financial gain. Two New Yorkers are now facing various theft-related criminal charges, including first-degree forgery, organized retail theft, third-degree larceny, possession of shoplifting devices and conspiracy to commit organized retail theft and third-degree larceny.

What are some defenses to the crime of larceny in New York?

Mistakes and misunderstandings take place all the time. For example, a person could accidently take a piece of property home, thinking it was theirs although it was not. While this misunderstanding may be rectified by an apology and the return of the property to its rightful owner, in other circumstances a person who takes property that is not theirs may find themselves facing criminal charges.

Rapper faces larceny charges after alleged credit card scheme

When someone takes money from another person under false pretenses or uses private information to defraud people, they may be charged with larceny. Ashley Bautista, known by the name 'Young Ash', is a New York rapper with many followers on social media who was recently charged with larceny after allegedly using her fame to defraud her fans. Bautista has pleaded not guilty to the theft charges and has been released without bail.

How are larceny, robbery and burglary different?

Many people use larceny, burglary and robbery interchangeably when describing crimes of theft. However, in the world of criminal justice, there are significant differences between each of these terms. Each theft crime has its own set of elements that prosecutors must prove to get a conviction.

Mayor faces grand larceny charges for misuse of campaign funds

When someone makes collects money for a particular purpose, but actually uses the money for a different purpose, they may be arrested for larceny, theft or a number of other crimes. Facing criminal charges can be difficult, particularly for those in the public eye. A New York mayor is now facing grand larceny charges after diverting campaign funds for his own personal use.

What are the elements of shoplifting in New York?

Shopping is a staple of New York City life, and as a result, stores have to deal with a great deal of shoplifting. If you have been accused of shoplifting, the prosecutor on your case will have to prove a number of elements in order to convict you. You and your defense attorney can work together to come up with ways to dispute the prosecutor's arguments and avoid conviction.

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