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Understanding LOTO violations

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2020 | Workers' Compensation |

Lockout/tag-out procedures, known as LOTO, have saved thousands of lives since OSHA demanded that New York businesses follow them. However, OSHA has also reported that one of the most common violations seen includes a lack of LOTO implementation. In fact, in 2019, LOTO violations were the fourth leading issues found within businesses. How can a business properly practice safe and accurate LOTO procedures?

Procedures for equipment

One of the most common reasons for employees filing for workers’ comp benefits is due to an injury caused by a factory machine. LOTO demands that a business train its employees to understand how to shut down properly and start up the machinery. It is this lack of training that is often the cause of violation notices being sent out to companies.

Isolation points

In staying within the area of machinery, one of the most important parts of LOTO is ensuring that isolation points are set up. Isolation points protect employees from machines that can randomly start on their own, thus causing injury. Violations in terms of isolation points include a lack of protection and lack of labeling of the area.

Equipment maintenance

A very important part of complying with LOTO is making sure that factory machines are properly maintained and cleaned by either a skilled repairman or onsite employees. Maintenance is extremely important because it can ensure that the machine is properly working and thus not a danger to those working with or around it.

Although companies may claim that they are following proper LOTO procedures, that may not always be the truth. If you’re an employee who has been injured due to violations, then you might recognize the need to obtain an attorney. A legal professional may be able to help you achieve a positive outcome where you don’t lose your livelihood.


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