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Former USPS worker charged with grand larceny and identity theft

Stealing someone else's mail for any reason is generally considered a crime. Stealing someone else's mail and using their private information to commit fraud or embezzlement is especially serious and can result in severe penalties, which may include time in federal prison and hefty fines. In many cases involving mail theft, the person accused of the crime is someone who handles mail every day for a living. For example, one former United States postal worker was recently charged with grand larceny and three counts of identity theft. The worker is currently in jail with bail set at $35,000 and will appear in court in the next few weeks.

The postal worker, who worked for the USPS for about a year leading up to her arrest, allegedly stole mail from drop boxes in a New York neighborhood. According to police, there have been many mail theft incidents in the area, and surveillance images apparently have captured someone putting their arm into a mailbox.

The mail that was reportedly stolen often contained personal bank information, which the postal worker allegedly used to deposit forged checks into her own personal account. In addition, a man who was apparently living in the same building as the postal worker was charged for cashing the checks stolen from the drop boxes. The postal worker, along with others, are accused of potentially defrauding a number of senior citizens and other victims out of more than $650,000.

Crimes involving identity theft are becoming more prevalent in our society. If you have been charged with fraud of any kind, talking to a criminal defense attorney may be your best option when it comes to protecting your future. Your attorney can give you a realistic picture of what to expect and help defend you against the charges you face.

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