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New York train crash: Families grieve the loss of a loved one

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2013 | Wrongful Death |

Most commuters in New York City rely upon trains and buses to get to their destinations. Most New York residents would not think twice about a train accident, much more a train going off its tracks unless it’s in a movie. In reality, several families are now mourning the loss of a loved one after a train derailed, injuring over 60 people and killing four others.

Authorities responded to a grizzly accident that occurred during an early morning commute. While the train was in the midst of traveling under the Hudson Bridge, the train went off the tracks for an unknown. Over 60 riders suffered injuries, including a father and his teenage son, along with a man who suffered a spinal cord injury. A train conductor was knocked unconscious during the incident. Four others were sent flying off the train during the catastrophe and died at the scene.

It has not yet been determined what contributing factors, if any, led to the tragic accident. Authorities and the National Transportation Safety Board are set to investigate what caused such a sudden accident on the tracks. At this time, authorities presume that all of the riders on board, including survivors and fatalities, have been documented.

An accident of this nature may be a rare occurrence in New York, but it can devastate those who are affected. As family members grieve the loss of a loved one, they may find some relief by understanding their legal rights. The surviving relatives may have the right to file claims against the train operator and/or the company if there was an act of negligence. If the court determines that the company or driver are liable, the family members may be awarded damages for any personal injury or wrongful death suits.

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