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December 2013 Archives

New York drug sweep leads to 19 people in custody

After spending nine months investigating, state and local police made a number of drug raids in the early morning hours in Hudson. Reports said that the Hudson Police Department was working with the New York State Police and the Catskill Police Department and that the raids took place all across the city and in Catskill.

New York car accident kills pedestrian and motorcyclist

A car crash occurred in Queens involving a pedestrian and a motorcyclist. Now, two New York families are bearing the burden of a tragic death after two people died in a car accident. According to reports, the motorcyclist was engaged in a road activity with a particularly large group.

New York physician arrested on prescription drug charges

A New York physician was taken into police custody after being indicted on charges involving the illegal prescription of the strong narcotic pain-killer known as oxycodone. The charges against the man are the latest in what one source calls an 'ongoing crackdown" on doctors who may be distributing painkillers illegally.

New York man drives drunk to turn himself in to police

An upstate New York man has been charged with aggravated DWI and criminal contempt after he drove 30 miles to turn himself in to state troopers on other charges. After being charged, he was arraigned and released on bail.

New York school bus involved in auto accident causing injuries

Generally speaking, most members of the community do not expect school buses to be involved in an accident, especially a dangerous one. Unfortunately, school bus accidents seem to be becoming more of a frequent occurrence on New York roadways. A freak auto accident recently occurred in Brooklyn involving a school bus and two other vehicles. This incident resulted in injuries to four people, including the bus driver and an occupant.

New York train crash: Families grieve the loss of a loved one

Most commuters in New York City rely upon trains and buses to get to their destinations. Most New York residents would not think twice about a train accident, much more a train going off its tracks unless it's in a movie. In reality, several families are now mourning the loss of a loved one after a train derailed, injuring over 60 people and killing four others.

State police arrest teen for wrong way driving in Ramapo

Drunk driving is always a serious issue, because it often results in an automobile accident, some of which are fatal. The magnitude of the situation seems to be even more pronounced when the drunk driver is said to be a teenager.

New York auto accident: 2 drivers injured

An accident took place on a Monday afternoon when one of the drivers who was involved lost control of his vehicle. New York authorities are still continuing an investigation into an auto accident that left two people injured and a teenage motorist dead. Two of the people involved happened to be students at the same school.

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