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Three fatal car accidents over the weekend in New York

On Behalf of | Aug 8, 2013 | Car Accidents |

When the weekend arrives, many people take to the roads to enjoy their night. At times, New York roads are filled with party-goers, thrill seekers and drivers who are simply negligent or drunk. A series of car accidents swept through New York over the weekend, resulting in three fatalities and two injuries.

The first accident reportedly occurred in Queens. Authorities indicate that a 34-year-old man was driving at around 4:49 in the morning when he struck and killed a 31-year-old woman. The man fled the scene and was later arrested for manslaughter after leaving the scene of the crime. Later on that night, two more accidents occurred in Brooklyn within just ten minutes of each other. A 44-year-old man was struck and killed just after 11 p.m., while a woman was hit by a vehicle a short time later.

Into the middle of the night, a driver struck a 30-year-old man which resulted in both legs being broken. The last accident occurred at around 5:41 a.m. in Midtown. Authorities believe that a 49-year-old woman fell on the street right before she was struck and killed by a vehicle.

When car accidents are fatal, the responsible driver can face criminal and civil penalties. Depending on the outcome of these investigations, the surviving family members affected by these accidents may be entitled to file wrongful death claims against the drivers. The victims may experience pain and suffering as a result of their injuries and may decide to pursue personal injury lawsuits against the drivers in this case. The civil court system in New York typically resolves these types of matter based upon evidence that injuries or death were a result of the other party.

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