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Posts tagged "Theft & Property Crimes"

How does New York law address the making of graffiti?

Most people in New York have seen buildings and other pieces of property "tagged" with graffiti. Making graffiti may not seem like a very serious crime. However, even this seemingly minor property crime can have lasting consequences on a person's life.

Two men arrested for alleged identity fraud scheme

If you have been charged with a fraud-related crime and are convicted, the consequences you face will directly correspond with the severity of the crime committed. Two men from the Bronx may be hit with significant penalties, as they are facing identity theft charges in the first degree after allegedly using personal information to steal high-end vehicles from various New York car dealerships.

Former USPS worker charged with grand larceny and identity theft

Stealing someone else's mail for any reason is generally considered a crime. Stealing someone else's mail and using their private information to commit fraud or embezzlement is especially serious and can result in severe penalties, which may include time in federal prison and hefty fines. In many cases involving mail theft, the person accused of the crime is someone who handles mail every day for a living. For example, one former United States postal worker was recently charged with grand larceny and three counts of identity theft. The worker is currently in jail with bail set at $35,000 and will appear in court in the next few weeks.

Arson charges may result in significant consequences

Most of us are aware that arson charges stem from setting a fire or causing an explosion to destroy a piece of property. The crime of arson in New York requires prosecutors to establish several elements for convictions. If they are unable to prove one or more of the elements, it is likely that criminal charges will be lessened or dismissed altogether.

What constitutes a robbery?

When you think of the term robbery, you probably think of guys in ski masks with guns holding up a bank and demanding suitcases full of cash. But, imagine a scenario where a young kid approaches a man in a subway station and, with a hand in his pocket that appears to have a weapon, the kid demands that the man turn over his wallet and cellphone; fearful that the kid has a weapon, the man complies, and the kid runs off with his belongings. Although slightly different than the team of masked men storming the bank and making off with thousands of dollars, this scenario would also be considered a robbery under the law of most states.

Identity Theft 101

In our increasingly digital and online world, we have heard a lot more about the issue of identity theft in the past decades. Identity theft differs from traditional theft crimes, like robbery or burglary, as it is much more of a faceless crime and often goes undetected by its victims for quite some time. We often unknowingly make so much information about ourselves readily available that we become vulnerable to identity theft.

What can one expect if they were charged with identity theft?

Identity theft is a growing problem, with many people taking advantage of how easy it is to access someone's personal information. In many cases, a person will be charged with identity theft, if they are accused of using someone else's name, credit card number or Social Security number to make purchases or obtain employment.

New study shows an increase in organized retail crime

As we gear up for the holiday season, retailers are paying close attention to preventing theft. According to an annual study by the National Retail Federation, organized retail crime (ORC) is on the rise. Any New York resident who is caught taking items from a store without paying for them or engaging in fraudulent returns may be arrested and charged with theft. The specific charges and potential conviction penalties will depend on the value of the items stolen and the circumstances of the incident.

Three New Yorkers charged for using counterfeit money and theft

When many people think of theft crimes, they picture someone breaking into a store or home and taking items that do not belong to them. They may not think of all the intricacies of these alleged thefts. For example, three New Yorkers allegedly used counterfeit money to pay for multiple items from Home Depot. These people were spotted on surveillance camera footage for walking out of the store with nearly $1,500 worth of multiple drill kits.

Man charged with shoplifting baby formula from Costco

When someone is accused of taking property that does not belong to them, they may be charged with theft. Many criminal theft charges stem from retail theft, which costs companies millions of dollars each year. A New York City man was charged with shoplifting after stealing baby formula from a Costco store.

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