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Drug Charges Archives

Attorneys in New York can advise people accused of drug offenses

People in New York may think that they can only be charged with drug crimes if they are actually in possession of drugs, selling drugs or manufacturing drugs. However, it is entirely possible to face drug charges, even if one is not in one of the above scenarios.

Panel recommends legalizing marijuana in New York

Many people in New York may not see much harm in using marijuana. Some may be of the opinion that it is not the dangerous "gateway" drug it had been made out to be in the past. Despite that, using marijuana for recreational purposes is currently illegal in the state. However, there are those that are recommending we change that.

The right approach to fighting drug offenses

The nation's current opioid epidemic has shed light on the problem of drug addiction. However, while drug addicts do need help, if police suspect them of possessing or selling illegal substances they could be arrested and charged with drug crimes. This could negatively impact a person's life for years to come. Not only are addicts not receiving the help they need to rehabilitate, but they may face jail time and a criminal record that will follow them the rest of their lives. It is a vicious cycle.

Mayor pushes to stop arrests for smoking marijuana in public

While medical marijuana is legal in New York, smoking marijuana is still illegal. According to current New York law, you could be arrested if police catch you smoking marijuana in public and you will likely have to be fingerprinted and required to appear in court. On the other hand, when someone is in possession of a small amount of marijuana, they are issued a summons instead and are not generally arrested or fingerprinted, unless they do not show identification. However, Mayor Bill de Blasio is making an effort to stop public marijuana smoking arrests. The mayor has told New York City police to stop arresting those smoking marijuana in public and instead issue them a summons.

Drug charges follow discovery of stash worth over $1.2 million

Facing criminal charges in New York can have severe consequences, and those in such situations typically seek legal counsel as soon as possible. This was likely also the first step taken by a 42-year-old Oswego City man after his arrest on drug charges. The Oswego County Drug Task Force, which comprises members of several law enforcement agencies, reported the arrest on a recent Monday.

Drug charges: Suspect arrested after alleged client's overdose

It is essential for New York residents to know and understand their legal rights whenever they are suspected of or accused of criminal conduct. For example, what is said and done at the time of an arrest on drug charges could be vital when the case goes to court. Suspects must remember that criminal convictions are based on proof beyond a reasonable doubt, and until the prosecution can establish that, the accused individuals will remain innocent in the eyes of the law.

Traffic stop results in drug arrest

A routine traffic stop that turns into a search and ultimately an arrest for a drug related offense is a common occurrence. Imagine a circumstance where you are stopped for a traffic infraction and during the motor vehicle stop the passenger in your vehicle is nervous and behaves in a suspicious manner, the police then order you both out of the vehicle and conduct a search where they locate drugs in the vehicle and on the person of the passenger. You are now facing drug charges in criminal court.

Defending against drug possession charges

Many drug-related criminal charges in New York stem from the possession of drugs. People facing drug possession charges often had drugs in their possession for personal use and had no intent to manufacture, distribute or sell the drug to others. Because of this, the consequences of drug possession are generally less severe than the consequences of possession with an intent to distribute. In reality though, all drug offenses can result in serious consequences, and those facing drug charges deserve an aggressive defense against their charges.

Text messages sent before overdose lead to drug charges

Understandably, being accused of criminal activities can cause anxiety and concern. Anyone in New York in such a situation will likely explore his or her defense options. That is likely the focus of a 24-year-old Buffalo man who is facing drug charges, including possession of heroin with the intention to distribute the illegal drugs.

New York man arrested on drug charges

Drug charges in New York can lead to long prison sentences and many unwanted personal consequences. After being pulled over for speeding, a New York man was recently arrested for driving under the influence and drug possession. The 27-year-old man is facing criminal charges for DUI, drug possession, possession of drug paraphernalia and other related traffic offenses. According to authorities, after being stopped for a speeding violation, authorities discovered the man was operating his vehicle while under the influence of drugs and claimed that marijuana was found in his vehicle.

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